Casino Strategies

Published on 13th December 2019

Online Casino Tips and Tricks

In order to win in a casino, you ought to implement some of the casino strategies that can bring you to win as every random play without any strategy might decrease your bankroll. There are different casino strategies, depending on the game you are playing – if you play slot machines, you should know that you should slow down and play at max 100 spins in a single hour. Otherwise, everything above 100 spins per hour is wasting money. If you play baccarat, you should always bet on the banker as the house edge for this game is usually a bit over 1%. Should you play, Texas Hold’em, have in mind that you BET/PAY only if you have good cards (A/A, K/K, Q/Q, 9/9 and so on) and at least a pair in your hands.

The blackjack game is often the inevitable part of gambling and one of the best strategies for this game is to use a split pair strategy. Still, the best thing you can do is to learn many techniques so you could implement and try out the different ones until you find the most appropriate one. Whether you plan to play roulette, have in mind one thing. Avoid playing at the tables that have a double zero pocket. drastically decreases your chances for win, so try to play at the single zero tables.

Advantage of Casino Bonuses

All the new players usually get bonus cash, so this will extend your playing, unless you increase the bet and erase the bankroll quickly. There are also free spins that allow you to try out the game before you make a deposit to play for the real money. When a new game is out, the casino gives players a chance to try it out. Besides free spins and bonus cash that you can get, there are other opportunities like special promotions or limited offers where you can earn more cash for playing or even earn a VIP membership! This not only opens new features and perks but also gives you special treatments (or even personal assistants)!

RTP and Slot’s Volatility

Return To Player or RTP is a ratio that depicts the percentage of money that a casino pays out to the player over a period of time. The higher the RTP means that a player has higher chances to win money, while high slot’s volatility means that the slots game/machine is risky to play or in other words: it is hard to win. In contrast, high-volatile slots offer high rewards! Even though the RTP and slot’s volatility serve as indicators for showing the possible time to a win, it should not be taken for granted at all. It may happen that a good RTP (more than 96%) and high slot’s volatility do not pay out anything until the 21st session, but it can also happen that it pays out x10000 in the first ten spins.

How to Manage Your Bankroll?

One of the first things you need to do is to determine the upper limit that you must not cross at all costs, as this is the only way to avoid severe affecting your bankroll. It's very important for real money online casinos for US players. Define the “scared money” (an amount you should never use) and stick to it, as this is an amount you never use. Also, define the amount of money you can afford to lose and use it, but do not buy more if you lose all that. In addition, you can try to catch the bonus promotions to increase the bankroll so you could play more. But in any case, avoid spending more than you can afford to lose as this will drag you into more gambling and you will lose more money.

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